Sunday, October 17, 2010

What does "214" stand for?

Its been 16 long years but the truth behind the song "214" by Rivermaya still remains as a puzzle. Rivermaya's Rico Blanco wrote the song and stated that he would reveal its meaning after ten years, that was in 1994. So why am I writing about it now? hehe... I came across this youtube vid of "214" and read some of the comments about the song and the issue of who's the one who composed the song.

Well, as what I know, Rico Blanco wrote the song from way back even before Rivermaya was formed, and according to my friends who are close to the group, the meaning of "214" might be "Two won For".. or "February 14" (2/14) Valentine's day but it doesn't even describe the day of hearts... or the most popular among the speculations "Am I real" , the digits stands for the number of letters for AM I REAL. Maybe I have to text pareng Rico and get the answer straight from him, w8 lang... nyahahahahahaha

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