Saturday, September 6, 2008

A NiGht at MOA

"Kung nagtataka kayo bakit may blank sa previous
post... meron kasi ako dapat ilalagay dun kaso
... hindi naman totoo...
wala rin kwenta blog ko... tsk... nyahahah...
I left a blank page..."

I dropped by the Mall of Asia after my OJT... actually hindi ko tinapos yung dapat 8pm na labas ko dun, dahil sa fireworks aheheheh... =p

I arrived there sa "seaside" at the exact time the boat was arranging the barge with the fireworks on it.

As what I expected, the SMB by the bay was jampacked with people waiting for what I was also waiting for, the 7pm fireworks display...

Voice over: Welcome to the SM mall of Asia fireworks display blah
blah blah... (sorry hindi ko talaga memorize ung spiel

Then everyone was excited by the sudden sound of the big voice.. and in everyone's delight the background music began to play "We are the Champions"...

While the fireworks started to make their time to shine syndrome... I heard some people talking, shouting, and screaming as the sky goes boom!!!

One nearest to me was a mother holding her daughter...
Mother: Hey, look baby o.. fireworks..

Daughter: wow!!!! ganda!!!..

Mother: Do you want me to carry you
para makita mo saan nanggagaling yung fireworks??

Daughter: yoko... im scared...

ynad: (wala ako sinabi..
napangiti lang ako =p)

Mother: ok... wow
there o!... heart ung shape... yun o

Daughter: Mommy hinihigop ba ng langit
yung fireworks??

Mother: hindi bumabagsak sa sea...

Daughter: eh... paano ung mga mermaids??

Then, I realized something...too much TV (joke lng...)
"MAsaya MagiNg Bata ulit"...

Once, when I was on that of the little girl's age, I believed that my toys were alive...
that somewhere, somehow, they talked without me noticing it... nagtatago pa ako para lang mahuli kung nag uusap si G.I. Joe at sila Ninja Turtles... para pala akong Baliw... aheheheh...

FUNNY..... We all miss our childhood... =[

Monday, September 1, 2008



Ive been reading a book,
But not the way that it looks
As if I was corrupted,
by the thing that I wanted

I didnt noticed the sign,
Its been there for awhile
And so if green means "go"
Why am I fighting the flow?

Recognizing the chair,
I dont think its fair!
We have our own share of doubts,
Dont say the world is round...

Whistle me the melody...
Sing me some lines...
Coz I cant remember the sound,
I cant recall where its bound.
SEPTEMBER 01, 2008
ED. BrOAD class