Sunday, September 27, 2009

So it's UE vs. ATENEO!


It's Ateneo Blue Eagles and University of the East Red Warriors in the Finals!!! Who will win Season 72 Championship ring?? According to UAAP president Anton Montinola of host Far Eastern University,Game 1 of the UAAP men's basketball finals scheduled for today (Sunday) is postponed to Thursday, October 1, due to the heavy rains and flood...

After all the heartbreaks from the previous seasons... this is it!!! its time...!!!!!!!!!!!



Friday, September 25, 2009

"How to label Couples"

These are the types of couples you can see in the malls, streets, in school, anywhere.... (according to my former Prof)


A relationship wherein the guy is "ugly" + the girl is pretty:

We call it "diskarte". Of course some guys may not be that attractive or pogi but maybe because of his good sense of humor or a talent he's able to win a beautiful chic.

A relationship wherein both of them are good-looking, model type, artistahin kumbaga:

Considered as "Lokohan"... they just stick with the same kind only for the sake of popularity and high rate status, so its just lokohan (mapagyabang lang na pogi or maganda din syota nila hehe), they are the ones we see walking in the hallways of school, malls, at the park... etc.

A relationship wherein the guy is "good-looking" + the girl is "ugly":

We call it "True Love"... You know handsome guys go for hot girls... no need for further explanations.

A relationship wherein both of them are "ugly":

"NO CHOICE" .. instead of pouting around, lonely and sad, might as well find yourself someone exactly like you.

So next time you see a couple hanging around, passing by, dating.. you can easily categorize them using these labels.


Friday, September 18, 2009

WHITE HORSE: MidsuMmer night's blah blah blah

Nyahahahaha.. nakakatawa na nakakatuwa naman tong nakita kong lumang file sa usb ko... (hala baka magalit si TleiLor pagpost ko 'to) This was the recorded practice session namin ni Lei for the supposed party na sagot ni sir mon few months ago.. unfortunately hindi na nga natuloy... believe it or not this was done both sa bahay ko at bahay niya at the same time! paano?? of course via phone patch =p.... Coz that time we dont have any oppurtunity left to practice in person, so kaya yun, tinawagan ko siya sa cellphone, almost midnight na yata yun.. istorbo hehe, and guess what.. it worked! medyo di nga lang kami nagkakarinigan malabo yung signal eh...

DONT FORGET TO STOP THE BG MUSIC BEFORE PLAYING THE AUDIO CLIP... its right there (upper right corner)youtube na ginamit kong player.. mahirap maghanap ng matinong flash player tsk

Haha mali! yan pala ung blooper... =p

Heto na talaga... pasensya na sa quality... again its not perfect... I know "Beyonce has one of the the best versions of all time" nyahahahaha ... sorry din kung di na marinig yung guitar part, turned out to be an acapella tuloy... malayo kasi sa phone and di ko masyado marinig yung vocalist ko haha... sayang hindi natuloy yung performance natin... dont worry Lei we have a lot of venues for this.... PeaceOut! ^_^

Monday, September 14, 2009


Something is similar between these two posters... nyahahahaha ...
On the left side is "1” is the first-ever concert together of Concert King Martin Nievera and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. The event is happening on September 19 at the Mall of Asia Concert Ground, while on the otherside was Brad Pitt's Movie poster of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"... identical ba? hehe

Another one... Almost! =p

Friday, September 11, 2009


Catch the last leg of Publico's debut Album and BOOK Launch!!!

Publico - Takda Album and Book Launch - Finale

Start: Sep 11, '09 9:00p
Location: Ride & Roll Diner, Xavierville, Quezon City

with Plastic Baloo


Suportahan natin ang Bandang PUBLICO!

Run-down of the 15 Tracks included in the album:

01 - Ginto (03:58)
02 - Tulugtulugan (03:47)
03 - Takda (03:35)
04 - Malayo (03:52)
05 - Samantala (04:12)
06 - Kalsada (02:44)
07 - Kurap (03:45)
08 - Baso (04:31)
09 - Bulalakaw (03:49)
10 - Lipas (04:01)
11 - Hamog (03:32)
12 - Araw (04:03)
13 - Badong (03:39)
14 - Silong (04:38)
15 - Soccerfield (03:28)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dwight D. Eisenhower once said... "Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."

Saludo ako kay Senador Mar Roxas for sacrificing his plan of running this 2010 elections to give way to Senator Noynoy's Candidacy for President! Unity not Division!!! Sana tularan ng ibang Politiko ang ginawa ni Sir Mar! Magaling.. One dream for change, Country FIRST!Mabuhay!!!


Bayan Bago Sarili.
Iyan ang habilin ng aking lolo, President Manuel Roxas.Our nation is in trouble. Leadership is bankrupt. Institutions are in disarray. People are hungry.Noynoy Aquino and I share the same outrage over the mess we are all in, the same way we share the solution-clean, honest, selfless public service.Marami at matindi ang mga problema ng bansa. Kailangan nating ayusin. Matindi ang kalaban. We need a determined force for good far stronger than the festering evil around us.We need to fight just as our own fathers fought dictatorship, and just as both died believing that good will conquer evil.Noynoy and I want to make a difference, but we also know that we need to unite to achieve what we want.I am the President of the Liberal Party.It is within my power to preside over a potentially divisive process or to make the party a bridge for the forces of change. I choose to lead unity, not division. Bilang pinuno ng aking Partido, magdedesisyon ako.Mahal ko ang Partido Liberal. My grandfather founded it. My father led it during the most difficult times of Martial Law. Sa harap ng peligro, sa kabila ng napakaraming tukso-hindi siya sumuko.He inspired me-to stay the course, to fight the good fight, to pass the test of true character. To believe.Over the weekend, Noynoy and I had many long conversations... Masinsinang usapan. We agreed: Let us forget about ourselves for a moment.
This is not about us, this is about our people and our country. This is about our common dream. The dream of our parents.But let us not remain a country of dreamers. Tama na ang pangarap. Gawin na natin, ngayon.Today, I am announcing my support for the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino for President in 2010.Noy has made it clear to me that he wants to carry the torch of leadership.The passing of our beloved former President Aquino has reawakened a passion among us. I acknowledge this as fuel to bring us to the realization of our dream: Good will triumph over evil.Ito na ang pinakamabigat na desisyon sa buhay ko.
Maniwala man kayo o hindi, ginagawa ko ito para sa bayan, para sa inyo. I do this for unity in support of change. And if that means that somebody must make the sacrifice, it must be me. Ako na.To you Noy, I say: I began the campaign to sow the seeds para sa pagbabago at reporma. You must now be the one to grow them in the arena of leadership.Hindi kami maghihiwalay ni Noy. I will stand with him.At sa aking mga kababayan, sa mga nagtiwala sa akin: Mahal na mahal ko po kayo. Mahal na mahal ko po ang ating bayan. Hindi rin tayo maghihiwalay. Itutuloy natin ang pagbabago sa ating bansa. Itutuloy natin ang laban para sa reporma!Kay Noy, at sa aking mga kababayan: Country above self! Bayan bago sarili!Hindi ko kayo pababayaan! Lalaban tayo!