Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"PIRATES: Yes we are"

If there is one crime that most of us are guilty with, knowing or not aware that you have committed it.. Its PIRACY!!! Am I right? Of course I am! You might say that youre not guilty of it but let me ask you questions... Have you bought any dvd/ vcd or any product lower than its usual price? Did you acquire or distributed copyrighted materials without permission? Have you ever downloaded music tunes in Limewire or any other downloading sites?Downloaded a film for free? Downloading a movie without paying for it is no different than walking into a store and stealing a DVD off the shelf. Its really wrong but still we do it. So why are we buying this kinds of material?

Here are some reasons:

1. Free Plastic Bag... yes, cool coloured black plastics.

2. Cinema consumes a lot of your time. Of course you need to fall in line to buy tickets, wait for the viewing time, spend for the fare going there and withstand the annoying attitude of the people around watching too.

3. Friendly Sellers. The manongs and the manangs selling it are very, very nice. They are the true movie lovers, because (according to them) they claim most of their dvds are the best and nice to watch. You can even ask for a Bargain! Then after you buy, they will call you "suki". hehe

4. NO CENSOR. There are no cuts and blurred visually disturbing images, and the "kinky parts" are not removed. Unlike in the cinemas, the Board of Censors prohibits it.

5. Cheap. The world is in Global Financial Crisis... the price ofpirated DVDs and VCDs are 50-70% lower than the original ones.

6.Updated. When we say "updated" very updated! One time, I saw Transformers 2 on its opening day, the following day, all the stalls and bangketas were suprisingly filled with Transformers 2 pirated discs... thats how pirates work, very fast. Compare this to the original ones, where you have to wait for a few months after the movie is first released.

Where to find The DVD heaven in the Philippines?

Just watch the vid..

Quiapo is very famous for its religious history. It is geographically located at the very center of the city of Manila. It is bounded by Estero de San Miguel on the South, San Miguel District on the East, Claro M. Recto Avenue on the North and Quezon Boulevard on the West. Aside of being known for cheap prices on items ranging from electronics, handicrafts, and food, sadly... it is also famous for being the home of pirated dvds in the country. You can find almost anything you want, from documentaries, movies, audio cds, concerts, anime and for those pervert ones, your all time favorite "porn stuff"... Strangely, there is a police station near the vicinity... so I wonder why these pirates are still operating in the area... are they legal? I thought pirated materials should be banned in the streets, not hiding the fact that there is actually a police station right there... Sometimes wolves have to sharpen their biting fangs... but we cant blame them if theyre fed by fat hands... For as long as the people patronize these pirated materials the battle for piracy will never end.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Please pray for President Cory Aquino

The whole nation is praying for your speedy recovery and good health. Kaya sana po magpalakas po kayo at huwag susuko sa laban. I pray that God will give you strength to continue this battle, and I thank you for being such a good president and mother to our country. You're an inspiration to us, you showed us that power doesn't necessarily mean having all the richest in the world but instead having the biggest heart that understands and cares. May the healing hand of God touch you...

Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. O dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden.
Dear God, we place our worries in your hands. We place our sick under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us. Amen.

Please do visit http://www.coryaquino.ph/


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yet another typical Birthday....

Its my birthday yesterday.... A lot of thanks to all the greetings...

Im taking a break, I guess Im not going to write here for a long time, 'til the next post! =p

GOD Bless! ^_^

Friday, July 17, 2009

"My FedEx concept Ad"

This is my FedEx commercial ad.. it was shot sa loob mismo ng FedEx office compound. If my memory serves me right, muntik pa ma-confiscate yung video cam kasi hindi kami nagpaalam ng pinsan ko sa management ng FedEx sa NAIA, Nag sneak-in kami, surprisingly, it would not take a Michael Scofield to break-in sa security nila.. nyahahahaha.. nagalit tuloy si manong guard... So tamang alibi at paawa epek lang, syempre kasma na din yung pa inosente tactic, kunwari hindi alam na bawal pala yung ganun... mabuti nalang tapos na yung mga scenes na kailangan ko. Thanks din kay Manong driver at patago niya kami pinayagan magshoot sa loob, napahamak ka pa tuloy sa amin... sana me trabaho ka pa.. =[

Yung ibang shots kinunan namin ng pinsan ko sa may CCP... Grabe ung takbuhan na naganap, sobrang pagod ako... pero I had so much fun shooting it. The indoor shots naman sa UE na namin kinunan. A LOT OF THANKS SA MGA FRIENDS KO NA TUMULONG!!!!!!!!! =]

Unfortunately hindi ko siya na present sa whole class kasi walang time, so kay Sir Deatras ko nalang napakita.. ayun nalungkot.. ahahahah... Pero huli man at magaling, pinanood parin ni sir ang ad ko... akala ko natuwa, actually at first... tuwa si mokong... pero nang hanapin na ang 5 emotions, atay na... Pano naman kasi, 5 emotions in a 30 sec commercial ad!?, pahirap... meron naman nakagawa sa amin... The moment of truth came, my professor told me to reshoot it, all of it. pero ito sikreto, di ko inulit! I presented the very same vid sa kanya, and guess what? he never noticed that it was not edited. Pumasa ako ng walang hirap ... nyahahaha =p

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The childlike wonder that marked the previous entries in the series has been replaced by a real-world sense of responsibility and looming consequences.
The series had to be mature and be about becoming adults... so it was.

The latest harry potter film was all about the characters and not their magic... its funny, dramatic and full of love.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince succeeds in being a much more immerse film than normal, and comes close to capturing on film some of the texture and richness of Rowling's books.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It was 1995 then, so many years had passed but I still love too see this commercial ad of San Miguel Beer... one of my favorite ads... featuring Ina Raymundo and Paolo Abrera... Meron kamukha yung guy sa UE eh.. haha.. parang Journ... nyahahahaha Peace!!! ^_^

Monday, July 13, 2009

"The LaSt Full ShOw" UE BC8A 2009

"LAST FULL SHOW" Part 1...

Sorry eto palang na-upload ko, mabagal gamit kong PC nyahahaha.. This one was the Opening Part, yung sa Group 4, pinakasikat sa lahat, joke hehe... sobrang proud ako sa group na 'to!!! (Jenny, Zhan, Eds, Kristian, Arbie, Donna, Rania, Marianne, Joana at ako.. sana walang hindi nabanggit).

Kahit walang practice, astig parin ng participation natin.. Thanks din sa nag edit ng BG audio/music... Kay Joana (Kill Bilbil) para sa bisayang Expecto Patronum nya... Mahal ko ang Grupong 'to... kahit underdog madalas and sometimes we almost got into each other's nerves ..uu nerbs.. (lam nyo na aso... madalas haha) nyahahaha... ... malakas tayo tandaan nyo ...^_^


PART 2 of 6

PART 3 of 6

PART 4 of 6

PART 5 of 6

Sir Mon... naalala ko minsan sa class you told us that this sem was the sem na parang hindi ka masyado nasiyahan sa performance mo as a prof... pero para sa amin this was the happiest semester sa UE ever... in fact, Youre the best Sir Nuñez =] We LOVE you po! ^_^

PART 6 of 7




Friday, July 10, 2009

"TOILET" And the Boxer fell in Love inside the Ring .. KnockOut talaga tsong nyahahaha =p

At last natapos ko na rin ang lahat ng book sa Twilight Series ni Stephenie Meyer... honestly medyo disappointed ako, tingin ko kulang sa substance... andun na eh, I expected more... sa story, sa atake ng author, pero hanggang dun nalang pala... But its not ending there... meron pa pala... Ayan o.. TOILET... nyahahaha =p

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is my top ten list of "imposible crushes" or the Kartada Diyes girls that we could only have in our dreams... =p

TOP 10 : "Save the Cheerleader Save the World!" Hayden Panettiere... -HEROES

TOP 9: Marie Digby... I saw her in youtube and found out lately that she already had an album out! Very talented.

TOP 8: Emma Watson a.k.a. Hermione Granger...

Top 7: Naomi Watts of "KingKong" and The Hollywood Version of "The Ring"

TOP 6: The Girl from Smallville... Kristin Kreuk

TOP 5: The Korean Superstar Song Hye Kyo


TOP 3: Taylor Swift... The voice goes well with the looks... Good songwriter too...

TOP 2: Charliz Theron

TOP 1: Megan Fox... no more explanations.... =p



THE Singing BREWRATS!!! Sayang hindi sila nanalo =[ .. Pero ayus pa rin kasi mukha namang nag enjoy sila.. at nag enjoy kami watching them... TAMA! its time for you guys to return sa national TV... WASAK!!! ^_^

By the way, hanep yung letter ni DILG last night kahit medyo magulo aheheheh... R.I.P. dude...