Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I made my customer cry.. sorry

I got this call before lunchbreak yesterday, the customer called in to set up an extension for the remaining amount in her account. She said that she just came out from the hospital after a legjoint operation and there will be another one in the next two weeks, reason why she will not be able to pay the bill. Im not really the type of agent who engages in an intense conversation with a customer, especially(ispaytial) now we're working out our AHT (average handling time), so building rapport sometimes doesn't actually help. But the caller sounded very friendly and amiable. Here's a part of the interaction...

me: So, you just came out of the hospital?
caller: yeah, Ive gone through a lot of medical tests and an operation...
me: oh very sad to hear that, i'm glad you're home now and doing well.
caller: well thank you, i just need to take a rest to prepare for another one.
me: i see, It must be very hard for you 'experiencing this medical condition, but... (cust interrupts)
caller: uh huh, Its my fault anyway, I should have let my body rest for sometime, I really have to be well,for the kids, and for my passion to educate them. 'know what? I'm a PE instructor, teaching kids... I'm an old cat, I'll be turning 49 next month. During my early years I'm one of the best, nobody can beat me in races... strong as a horse... I could run kilometer by kilometer, I am the fastest woman in town.. I was... (descending tone)...
me: well, you don't have to be sad about it, sometimes... 'most of the time God gives us obstacles in order for us to be strong and see the a difference, to learn. He will never give us problems that cannot be solved. Everything has a purpose, a reason, why such things happen. I really do admire teachers, as a matter of fact, i wanna be a teacher before, but God has His own plan for me. . . having this little conversation of ours, touched me... you said you want to be well for your students, right?
caller: right...
me: that's a very strong line that caught me... listen, you inspire me, you inspire people.. you really do... and I thank you.. you're a great person.
caller: (sobbing) thank you lenard, for the kind words... I'm sorry I cant help it, you made cry..
me: uh oh, I do apologize ma'am .. its not my intention... (tsk)
caller: no, no dont get me wrong.. I very happy now.... these are tears of Joy... thank you...

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