Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twilight: NEW MOON

I just saw New Moon yesterday and I kinda like it.. It stayed very true to the book and even brought more life to story coz some of the situations in the book were somewhat boring. The actors had improved in terms of acting, they became more effective for their roles. One good thing, the green tint effect we saw in the first film and the poor make-up was gone. Good job for the new director, he made a big improvement from Twilight. Just one thing I think was missing, the film's soundtrack! Twilight's OST rocked! what happened to New mOon's ???? The ending wasnt that good, the last line was so dumb, after telling the last two words it went black and the credits rolled! Some found the movie totally sucked but I guess the movie was completely for the fans and the readers of the book. Thats why they say read the books first.

Last year, I saw the first offering of the saga with someone I truly be keen on that time. I told her that I hope when the sequel is already out, we will also watch it together.. nyahahahaha.. I'm so sorry that I can't be the right kind of monster for you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The "PROF" inspired film... hindi lng natuloy ang shooting kasi naubusan ng budget,. eto kasi ung pelikulang tatalo sa LOrd of the rings at TITANIC...

kung di nyo alam ang istorya, kung tama naaalala ko it was Ash Wednesday tas me class kami sa kanya,sa pinakasikat na room sa CAS.. CAS 203 =p.. then suddenly he started to lecture the class with religious matters, he mentioned things about God, being sorry for our sins and temptation yta un.... tapos sabi nya wla daw sa kung anong religion ka belong, regardless of what you believe basta isa lang ang gumawa sa lahat.. Ma pa Muslim man o Kristyano... un nga lang sa gitna ng lecture nya ang binabanggit niyang God ng isang religion ay si Muhammad.. tama naman pero mali lang eh si Muhammad Ali (heavyweight boxer) ang tinutukoy niya.. nyahahahahaha.. gulong gulo tuloy kami...nagtinginan nalang... buti nalang may nag correct sa kanya... (lesson) think before you talk .... parang sa test... review muna haha =p

about the trailer, wala lng kami maisip na title ng movie, trip2 lng, ginawa naming Muhammad mamahaALIn kita.. notice the ALI na ka upper case letter... tawanan lang naman nung pinalabas sa room.. pati siya nakitawa nlng... sabi nya sa isang ka group ko pag alis ng room... "san nyo nakuha ung title???" haha