Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gay ka sir! hehe

I remember listening to Mo twister's radio program some time last year and I heard the trio (Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee) talking about one topic... "What female song that if a male performer (im talking about a legitimate, straight guy hehe) would make his own version of it or his guy rendition of it, would appear as the gayest song ever?" Mo mentioned about a song by Beyonce, "If I were a Boy".. well, its pretty obvious that if a straight guy would attempt to make a male version of it the title would be " If I were a girl"... then months later a male version got out and im not sure who did it...

But wait! I just found out that there's one song that can be a candidate for the gayest song ever for a straight guy to sing... have you heard of Katy Perry's "I KISSED A GIRL"??? ... now its going to be " I kissed a guy/boy"!.. gay! agree??
I kissed a guy, and I liked it.. bading amp! wahahahahahahahaha =]

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