Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, what can i say? Its the Pacman show!.... Im quite disappointed about what happened, Clottey rarely threw punches and always kept his guard resulting to a little boring fight. Thanks to Manny's very entertaining punch combinations making the bout worth watching. Pacquiao threw 1.231 punches, which 246 of it connected while Clottey only landed 108 of 399 the whole night. I never had a chance to watch it live somewhere, so I just listened over the radio... What do you think about Arnel Pineda's performance? He's the one who sang the National Anthem right? I dont know if its just my ears hehe .. is the last part kinda off-tuned?? Anyway, Im pretty sure that the National Historical Institute is not happy than anyone else about it. =p

The very surprising "Pompyang punch" .. I never seen anything like it before... nice pacman! parang FPJ lang ah... buti hindi dumating yung mga pulis sa huli.. nyahahahahahaha . During the report of Chino Trinidad on 24 oras, he said that Manny always makes fun of Freddie Roach and does it every sparring... no one expected that Manny would actually use it in the fight. COOL...

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