Monday, May 18, 2009


This Blog is pretty much full of sad posts and poignant stories lately. Para maiba naman, something entertaining and funny, I guess...

The vid features our very own version of a reality show... "FEAR FACTOR EXTRA" ... hosted by a good friend Lei and was directed by Barbie. The whole prod was shot at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Its a bit hard shooting this because of the weather, the grounds were wet and slippery. Mabuti nalang natapos agad bago umulan ng malakas.. sobrang lakas... nyahahaha... Masaya talaga 'to.. bakit nga ba? ah uu, masaya talaga ... ehem =p


1. Kumain ng balot. di ba madali lang...

2. Do the calamansi relay. Dalhin ang 3 calamansi using a spoon.. (nah,, lam mo na yun, no need to explain). Go to the next challenge.

3. Itali ang rope sa paa. Ilipat ang 3 barya na nakatago sa plate full of gawgaw sa kabilang stop gamit ang bibig (whew, ngeon ko lang napansin, challenges here requires a hell of a mouth skill... cnu nag-isip nito?? puro bibig ah.. hehe).

4. Grab the key inside the fish bowl full of creepy and slimy worms, maggots and one plastic roach. Proceed to the next challenge.

5. Open the box using the key. Eat what's inside. Curious what's inside the mystery box? Buro lang naman. It is the foulest smelling edible thing in all the whole wide world, but ironically, it is eaten as an appetizer. Go to the next stop.

Find more about it here...

6. Transfer 3 frogs to the otherside of the street, not using the mouth this time hehe. Place it inside the sack and carry it along the finish line.

The player who has the least time to complete the whole challenge wins the game.

sweet ^_^

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