Sunday, May 3, 2009

London Bridge has fallen down.

Whew! Its my first time to watch a Manny Pacquiao fight live on pay-per-view... sobrang galing ng ginawa ni Manny, incredible hand speed and very powerful punches. I couldn't believe that it took only 2 rounds to finish Ricky Hatton! Pacquiao is way better than him. Hatton fell down twice in the first round, a combination stunned Hatton followed by a right that made the Hitman down. About 45 secs left, a hard combination by Pacquiao, he was down again. The punishment continued throughout the second round, a strong left hand knocked out Hatton. Iba yung feeling pag nanood ka ng live, with the crowd cheering and shouting for every punch connected, ang saya hehe. Galing ni Manny, universally recognized as the pound for pound champion, the best in the world. Proud to be Pinoy!!!!!

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