Friday, May 15, 2009


Josh Billings once wrote, "In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money cannot buy... to wit- the wag of a dog's tail."

Few weeks ago, there was this incident happened, I left my meal in front of the T.V. to grab some fish sauce in the kitchen. When I came back at the living room I found out that my fish for dinner was gone, then on the otherside there's my dog enjoying my fried Tilapia. I was so mad that I shouted at my pet, It ran towards the bedroom and hid under the bed, not finishing the food. With so much anger, I chased my dog out of the room by throwing a slipper on it but luckily did not hit it. Poor dog, it was really afraid. It went to the corner under the watertank and stayed there for minutes... I yelled at it for minutes, "'Wag kang papasok ng bahay! Lagot ka sakin! Diyan ka lang sa labas, magnanakaw!" Sobrang takot na takot siya, sumisiksik siya sa sulok na parang alam niya na may ginawa siyang kasalanan. Voolet never stole food before, I guess she's really hungry that night.

Moments later, my dog was not there anymore, nowhere to be found. My little sister got angry with me because she thought that our dog could have ran away from home because of the fear it felt, dogs are very sensitive, they have feelings too. Sabi ko naman, "Who cares?! mabuti nga mawala na yan, para wala ng magnanakaw ng pagkain dito!"... Hours passed by, still no sign of it. So I got worried... I began searching outside, calling her name for minutes, pero wala talaga. So I sat in front of our house and waited. Lumipas ulit ang ilang minuto, wala pa rin. Then there was this noisy cat crossing the street, binugaw ko (sorry for the word hehe), suddenly a familiar bark resounded the air, my dog appeared from nowhere, I know how much she hates cats. I was thrilled to see my dog Voolet again, when I called her to come to me, she wagged her tail and I hugged her. I told her that I never meant all the bad things I said to her, she was staring at me as if she understood what I said. Para akong baliw, kinakausap yung aso. Kaya yun bati na kami ulit.

Well, that was few weeks ago. Voolet my 7 year old pet dog was healthy and full of life. But now she's gone, she will never come back. She died four days ago, suffered from some kind of illness. I should've brought her to the vet, but we cant afford it right now. So we just gave her medicine, the one we gave to our other dog the last time it was sick and fortunately survived. Voolet was not eating at all, so we got her some fluids, milk in particular, to support her but it was never enough. She became weaker week after week, and eventually died. I am very sorry for her.

Voolet was one brave dog, we saw how she foght her disease, she even tried to walk outside the house. The day before she died, she was hardly breathing and any moment she could die. I told her that if she's really very tired, its okay to let go... she can take a rest. I thanked her for all the years she spent with us, we had great times together, for being a good friend. I told her we love her. Then the day after, she died. For the very last time she proved how she really love us, she even waited for the perfect time to go, maybe she doesn't want us to see her gasping her last breath or to witness the way she will die. So she let go when everone was not home, nakita nalang namin siya na di na humihinga, close to sleeping.

I will really miss Voolet, she's more than a pet for me, she's family. It might sound weird but its true. Meron kulang sa buhay ko ngayon, kapag uuwi ako, kulang yung sasalubong sakin. I will always remember how she makes everyone happy, not only us but also the people around the subdivision, she's very adorable kasi... I dont want any dog other than her. I will do everything just to have her back... kahit kainin pa niya lahat ng food sa bahay, okay lang na magnakaw siya ng fish, hindi ako magagalit. This might be so immature fo me to write, I dont care, I lost one bestfriend. Wherever she might be, If she's still here with us watching or guarding the gates of heaven, I want her to know that she will always be our little Voolet and we'll be seeing each other someday. I LOVE YOU!!! Rest in Peace buddy... a lot of thanks...

April 2002- May 11,2009

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