Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Compo for the TEAM

Baka sabihin nyo wala manlang ako nagawang kanta para sa team hehe...

ayan ^^

"friends forever be"

when your day ends with the sun dusky setting
and the clouds they block the stars for them to shine
you are right there standing down with a weary, weary heart
never know how to go on and flash a smile


hold on tight
you know life is full of undertakings
but dont give up
i tell you one thing's for sure


Coz i will have you
you will have me
together we are one eternally
God never ran out of plans
and if you lose it all, ill break your fall
ill never think less, ill give you more..
its clear even the blind can see
we are friends forever be

when you feel like crumbling down, youre despairing
and the breath of enliven air is hard to find
darn questions will be answered in the million years to come
sometimes all we need is time for it to pass


i am with you
you are with me
we can make it through it all
you are with me
i am with you
i tell you one thing's for sure

lalalala lalalala
lalalala lalalala

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