Friday, April 16, 2010


A bus (archaically also omnibus, multibus, or autobus) is a road vehicle designed to carry passengers. Buses vary in capacity from 8 to 300 passengers. Buses are widely used public transportation.

I really enjoy riding the bus going home, for anybody else its just a normal thing.. a daily scenario. But for me... I dunno, there's always something special in every ride I get... that's why I never experience being asleep in a bus.. well in some cases that I just pretend to be sleeping. (hindi sa ayaw ko magbayad hahaha)... Its very odd that I enjoy seeing the sites outside.. it doesn't matter if its EDSA or a trip bound to Manila, and theyre the same things that I see and yet I need to see them.. WEIRD.

I just got one question... coz one time, on my way home, I was sitting beside a policeman. When the conductor began collecting the fare, of course I immediately took some coins inside my bag and handed it to the man, to my surprise, the policeman just moved his badge and yawn. Now the question.. are these law enforcers really exempted in paying the fare? What about the writings inside the bus saying "BADGE not HONORED"?
tsk tsk tsk...

Riding the bus is not only fun but educational as well at times... here are some words that you can add to your vocabulary.. .
(note: these words come from the bus drivers, conductors and the passengers as well.. well yan yung mga naririnig ko sa bunganga nila eh )

Megamole -
is a large shopping mall located in the Ortigas business district of Metro Manila.

Shoe Boulevard - station ng MRT bago mag Megamole kung manggagaling ka sa Taft.

Cruising (crossing) - dito ako sumasakay pag pupunta ako sa Pasig.

Kustal mole -hindi kapatid ng Megamole. Dito ka baba ng bus kung Cavite bound ka.

Kipsi (KFC) - isang fastfood-chain across Kustal mole.

Jueteng shade - legal naman tumambay dito, at hindi ka huhulihin ng pulis... ito ay simpleng babaan at sakayan ng mga pasaherong bibiyahe.

Fly-OVER-pass - Ito ang pinaka- safe na pwede mong sabihin kung hindi ka sigurado kung over-pass ba ang tinutukoy mo or fly-over ... natawa ako ng narinig ko ang isang pasahero ng sabihin nya yan..


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