Saturday, October 29, 2011

..........................."TYM 482 pass"

He was counting coins inside his pocket as he count the days that passed inside his mind. "Its been a while says the young man, looking at the horizon filled with smoke and noise coming from the vehicles passing by. Some things they stay, they just stay, they remain. It's like the skill of reading once you acquired the skill, no matter how hard you try to deny that you can't read, once you see a written word or statement, it's ineluctible... you have the idea on your mind. He thinks it applies also to feelings, when its already attached, it comes back naturally, same way. He then started to ask questions, darn questions with no ready answer. "Will it still be the same?" .. "when can I forget you?" .. "Do I have to forget you?" ...
He looked outside and saw a building, an enormous indicator that its already time for him to get off the jeepney.

Right then and there, he found the answer to all his questions...

TYM 482 pass

"All we need is time for it to pass"

Same day last year, in the month of October, He gave roses to a very special girl at work.. in front of his co-employees... supervisors and the manager... what was he thinking during that time? No one knew... but he was very much sure what he feels since then. Since then.

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exa_july18 said...

wow so sweet naman nung guy.....walang pakialam sa iba ang mahalaga ang feelings nya...nakakakiliiiiigggg!!!!