Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clever Outdoor Advertisements

One day, I was walking along Morayta when I saw a truck with a huge Chuck Taylor shoe on it, very interesting. The picture below has the same concept but the one I saw before, ("that was before" hehe...) is just a smaller version of it. Checkout also some of the creative ads I found online. ENJOY!

KitKat Ad

Have a break, have a bench haha

Adidas advertisement

McDonald's free coffee promo

Coop's Paint Ad

In 2007, this outdoor ad of Coop's Paints in Columbus, USA was a remarkable creative concept.

Razor Blade Ad

Cingular ad

transfer to CCARE hehe

Quit Smoking Ad


Lego ad in Chile, giant lego blocks ...

Nike Advertisement


McDonald's Bus stop Ad

reminds you to drop by the nearest Mcdo

BIC Razor Ad

this is genius =p


lastly hehe

pssst! pahabol! meron din pala ako! nyahahahahaha


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