Friday, July 22, 2011

The Birthday PoSt

Its a very rough yet happy "once in a while" year for me. It seems like June did not see through though, sad. Here comes JULY, full of expectations, positive thoughts hoping that the remaining months of the year will be fair and kind to me nyahahahaha. Nevertheless, happiness and contentment is not too far, only if I would choose to, I will be smiling for the rest of the year.
JULY... I realized that Ive been worrying about life to the extremes, when Im happy, I am happy as if its the last day on Earth... when Im sad, I am seriously down, dwelling on problems that existed only in my head and torturing myself with second guesses and self-doubt. That may have added a certain amount of seriousness and depth to my character, I guess I am stuck, sobrang bulag ako... I'll find a way to get out of it, somehow.. malimot na sana.. kahit masakit. at sana pagbalik ng trip ayos na ang lahat, iiwan ko na ang lahat sa lugar na ito, iba na daw ako eh. Ayusin natin yan.. panahon na nga siguro..
Im in Cebu now with some of my friends, salamat sa mga kasama ko rin ngayon, masaya day ko.. thanks for surprising me kaninang 12am, haha sarap ng cake, pasensya narin at wala akong handa, alam nyo naman, pulube mode parin.. malayo sa normal na buhay at stress na dala ng work, at mga tao sa paligid.. its time for me to loosen up and enjoy life... the much needed break is on!, . RETHINK life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

salamat sa lahat ng greetings ! ^____^

God bless!

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