Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random thoughts... maybe it has something to do with the rain

How long would it take for someone else's life to change? A decade? A year? months probably... days? or simply in a span of a minute or a couple of seconds? how fast? could it possibly be with just a blink of an eye? Change may refer to the process of becoming different. I realized that its not something that we can control totally, its not like a payment arrangement that we can modify in certain duration of time, all you need is the date and amount, that's it. No. Its deep. The same as the fact that its inevitable. Situations make you change. Do we have the power to know that we are already in the state of becoming different?and if so, do we have the ability to reverse or switch back to the same person we were once before... if all else fails. I do understand now that there is no point of asking these questions, its like you selling cheap coffee in the pantry of our office, the coffee there is FREE. but then, how can we ever measure up?

malamig na ang champorado ko =p
sakto pa ang pagtugtog ng awiting may pangalan sa lyrics...

Good Morning!

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