Tuesday, January 11, 2011

....Stress Absorber

I got an email from my favorite student Choi Hwa Won... haaays just made my day. My teaching skills are very evident =p

Teacher hello~ Happy New Year ~
I'm sorry teacher.. I promise you this winnter must go Philip-pines.
but my academy said "don't go to the Philip-pines because 9 garde math is difficult."
so, my plan is must go to the Philip-pines on next year !
ㅠㅠ<- crying face. I miss you, ~ Michael teacher too ! :)
ah! teacher send me many e-mails but I don't check the e-mail every day.. sorry~
my gift~! I send three pictures.
first and second picture is my house the circumference. and last picture is my friend and mt picture!
kikiki Have a good time taecher~

p.s. I am not the one wear red hat



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