Friday, June 20, 2008

"Ang Bato... bow... "

Its been a long time.. hehe... Im quite busy these
past days... so here's a new post...

As a teenager, i made a bunch of poems and songs. I have here one song which actually earned several clicks on the internet particularly on and

At first, i didn't expected that the song would be appreciated by several people because of how its been recorded and not mentioning it was my first time i tried to edit an audio file. Actually for my own opinion, though this might sound rude, its like a song sung by a hopeless romantic inside a comfort room... maybe because of the echoes...

But though the recording was not that superb... emails keep on coming ... every email sender wants an mp3 file of the song Bato... they said they couldn't find it in limewire or any site... funny but absolutely true... im surprised.. very surprised..=]

Yesterday, as browsing the net, i tried searching the song "bato" on youtube...then suddenly i was stunned for awhile because someone made a cover of my own composition, though its quite different from the original one, I was very amazed and flattered on how the song reached such great heights. it made me happy as a composer, i even had a teary eye while watching it. haha=P

a lot of thanks to all who appreciated my work... peaceOut!!!

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